What is Management Rights?

Management Rights is a business investment providing a home and an income. The business owner enters into contractual agreement with the Body Corporate of a community building or complex to provide certain caretaking/management services in return for a salary and to provide on-site letting services for owners wishing to lease their properties.

The Management Rights industry began in the early 1970s when there was a flurry of development activity on the Gold Coast.  Developers realised the advantages of on-site management to property investors and they created business management opportunities within the numerous residential and holiday complexes that now identify our skyline.

Over the years the concept has been refined and the successful business model has been adopted throughout Australia and overseas.  Legislation has evolved and the industry is effectively governed by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.

Management Rights is frequently referred to as the ultimate home-based business and being involved in the industry can be a very rewarding experience.   Current managers have a wide range of previous experience; some have bought Management Rights for strong financial return on investment, others for a secure lifestyle change. Other than licensing requirements, no specific qualifications are necessary, but good communication and business management skills are essential. 

If you are considering this business opportunity we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of agents who specialise in the Management Rights industry.  The experienced team at Calvin Bailey Management Rights offer you sound, ethical business advice based on their personal experience in the industry.  Calvin Bailey will welcome your enquiry on any aspect of the industry and will direct you to other specialists such as financiers, accountants and lawyers as required.